Let your jewellery Tell your story

We're proud to not be like other piercing studios. 

 We strive to provide unique, and memorable piercing experiences.

We seek out the very best in quality body jewellery and tailor it to suit your style.

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We only stock the leading brands of body jewellery

Based in Los Angeles, BVLA utilize unique designs, beautiful gemstones and impeccably hand crafted gold settings to create a breathtaking range of body jewellery. Truly the creme de la creme, we are the only stockists of BVLA in Brighton and the surrounding areas.


Focusing on state of the art jewellery design and manufacturing techniques. Anatometal combine precision craftsmanship with quality materials with stunning results. Using solid gold and titanium, best of both worlds.


Neometal pioneered the "threadless" style of body jewellery. Using mirror polished titanium settings and hand-set gemstones, they produce a focused range of gorgeous end pieces. Perfect for jewellery lovers on a budget.


Founded in 1991, Industrial strength is one of the longest running body jewellery companies focusing on implant grade titanium. We source all of the labret backings for our threaded jewellery from these titanium experts as we believe they are the best posts on the market.


Piercing fees

Your total price will be piercing fee + jewellery cost.
We offer a large range of jewellery at varying price points.

We do not use rings/hoops as initial jewellery expect for Daith piercings.

For hygiene reasons we cannot reuse any jewellery either previously

purchased from us or from your personal collection.


Piercing fees (does not include jewellery)


Piercing Fee
1x £20 2x £30 3x £40

Jewellery starts from £30 per piercing.

Rook and Daith

Piercing Fee 1x £25

Jewellery starts from £40 per piercing


Piercing Fee 1x £25 2x £40

Jewellery starts from £30 per piercing


Piercing Fee
1x £25 2x £40

Jewellery currently starts from £45 per piercing.

Helix, Tragus, Conch, Forward Helix, Flat

Piercing Fee
1x £25 2x £40 3x £55

Jewellery starts from £30 per piercing


Piercing Fee 1x £25

Jewellery starts from £15 per piercing


Piercing Fee
1x £25

Jewellery currently starts from £95 per piercing *Only jewelled options available*

Jewellery Downsize

Threaded Piece: £20 Threadless Piece: £15

Recommended 4-6 weeks after your piercing is performed.


Jewellery purchasing, consulting and fitting

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