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Before you finalize your booking, please read the following information:

When you make your booking, you will be charged for the piercing fee upfront. This DOES NOT include your jewellery costs as this is a separate payment made at the time of your appointment as all of our jewellery is priced individually. Please see the pricing page for more information on how you’ll be charged when visiting us.


Please also see the “age restrictions” page before booking for information on ID and what piercings you can and can’t get.

Studio Etiquette

Here at Guru we aim to provide a totally individualised experience! 
For this reason we ask all customers to attend alone. 

 Please do not bring any friends, family, children or pets with you.
If you do bring someone with you, we will not be able to accommodate them in the studio and they will have to wait outside until your appointment is over.

We can not allow anyone under the age of 16 to be in the studio. 

We do not offer services for clients under the age of 16. 

We are still very careful in regards to covid-19 and other illnesses, therefore all of our staff will be wearing facemasks.  We encourage customers to do the same, but it is optional!

We take payment for the piercing fee when you book online. This acts as a non-refundable deposit and will be subtracted from your final total. 

To start the booking process fill in the form below
These Prices are for the piercing fee and do not include cost of jewellery

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