Frequently Asked Questions

What are your age restrictions and ID policies?

We use challenge 25 in our studio, so if you're lucky enough to look under 25, we will ask to see a form of photographic ID, which includes:
-Current Passport
-Drivers License
-Provisional Drivers License
-Citizenship ID
-Pass Certified ID

18+ with own ID: Surface, Nipple and Genital Piercings

16+ with own ID: Ear, Facial and Body Piercings

14+ Must bring a legal guardian and provide ID from both parent and piercee: Ear, Facial and Body Piercings

12+ Must bring a legal guardian and provide ID from both parent and piercee: Ear Lobes


If you need to bring a parent or legal guardian with you, we will need to see some documentation showing you are either related or legally acting in the role of parent or carer. This includes if your surnames are different (we would then ask for documentation such as a birth certificate with both the piercee and parent/legal guardians name on to be brought along with photo ID).

If you're not sure about your ID or have a question about any of our age restrictions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

What jewellery do you use?

We only use implant grade ASTM F 136 Titanium and 14 and18 karat Gold for our piercings. No glue is used in ANY of our jewellery, all is bezel or prong set! We have a wide range of jewellery options including opal and genuine swarovski crystals and genuine stones such as Tanzanite and Amethyst. You have a choice when you come in for your piercing, just ask one of our staff to see your options! All jewellery is sterilised in house by our fully trained staff.

How long will it take to heal?

Piercing healing times vary widely depending on where the piercing is, how well you look after it and your personal healing time! We give full aftercare instructions with every piercing which includes an estimated healing time.

Can I order customised jewellery from you?
You certainly can! We take custom orders from our UK and US suppliers where you can customise your choice of metal, stones, crystals and settings! Your jewellery can be as individual as you are! You can pop into the studio for a free consultation to discuss your jewellery desires and be walked through the options available.
Do you sell all the aftercare products I’ll need?

We do, we currently stock Sterile saline solution, an easy spray mist suitable for all piercings and premixed so you don't need to worry about making yourself at home. They come in 50ml bottles so perfect for travel and home.

Will it hurt?

No piercng is pain free, however we use techniques and equipment specifically to help minimise any discomfort. A few deep breaths and its over in a flash!

I'm going on holiday next week, can I go swimming with my new piercing?

We don't advise going swimming for at least the first two weeks of having a new piercing! If you have a holiday booked, you'd be best popping back in afterwards and not having to put your holiday fun on hold! If you're not sure how your holidays or lifestyle will affect your piercings, please ask a member of staff!

Have a question that isn't answered here?

Email, call or message us and ask away!

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